ASPE – Ammonium Sulphate Producers Europe

Ammonium sulphate is widely used in agriculture as a key ingredient in fertilisers because of its environmental performance: it improves the availability of sulphur and nitrogen – key nutrients for plant growth – and has no negative impact on soil and water. Besides fertilisers, ammonium sulphate is used in feed, bread and bakery as an acidity regulator, and in pharmaceuticals.


E. Charlier (Envalior)


Core substances: Ammoniun sulphate


4 Members:

BASF, DOMO, Envalior, Fibrant


To establish a closer dialogue with the EU authorities and raise awareness about the benefits of ammonium sulphate to the environment and circular economy.

For more information: 

Capro-grade Ammonium Sulphate: contributing to the ambitions of the European Green Deal – position paper 


Sector Group Manager

Michela Mastrantonio




Francesca Ianni