PINFA – Phosphorous, Inorganic and Nitrogen Flame Retardants Association

Pinfa is the Phosphorus, Inorganic and Nitrogen Flame Retardants Association and is a Sector Group within Cefic, the European Chemical Industry Council. Pinfa represents the manufacturers and users of non-halogenated phosphorus, inorganic and nitrogen flame retardants (PIN FRs).



A. Beard (Clariant)


Core substances: Non-halogenated flame retardants



32 Members:
Adeka Corporation (JP), Asahi Kasei (DE), Avient (LU), BASF (DE), Chemische Fabrik Budenheim (DE), Clariant Plastics & Coatings GMBH (DE), CTF 2000 (BE), Dartex Coatings (UK), DOMO (FR), DSM Engineering Plastics (NL), DuPont (CH), FRX Polymers (US), Greenchemicals (IT), Gustav Grolman GmbH & Co KG (DE), Huber Engineered Materials (US),  ICL (NL), Italmatch (IT), Lanxess (DE), LyondellBasel (NL), Metadynea (AT), Nabaltec AG (DE), Nordmann Rassman GmbH (NL), Omya International AG (CH), Perstorp Holding AB (SE), Radici Group (IT), Sabic (NL), Schneider Electric Industries SAS (FR), SRC Sibelco (BE), Thor GmbH (DE), Tolsa SA (SP), Total Research & Technology (BE), William Blythe Ltd (UK)

Partnership : INEMI (US), GTFI (FR), EAPFP, European Fire Safety Alliance


The members of pinfa share the common vision of continuously improving the environmental and health profile of their flame retardant products. Therefore, pinfa members seek to dialogue with the users of PIN FRs in order to identify their needs and technologies they are looking for.


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Sector Group Manager

Esther Agyeman-Budu


Hannane Haddouch