CEES – Centre Européen d’Etudes des Silicates

CEES represents the leading manufacturers of soluble silicates in Europe. Soluble silicates, also known as waterglass, consist of an alkali metal oxide and silica in varying proportions and are available in aqueous solution and in solid form. The general formula is M2O.xSiO2 where M is sodium, potassium or lithium where sodium is the most common. Soluble silicates are used in a wide range of applications including detergents, water treatment, mineral ore flotation, adhesives and binders, cement, welding electrodes, ceramics, pulp and paper manufacture, textile processing, soil grouting and paints as well as a raw material feedstock for chemical manufacture. Over 700,000 tonnes per year of soluble silicates are produced in Europe.

B. März (Wöllner GmbH & Co. KG)

Core substances: Soluble silicates (waterglass including, Sodium and/or Potassium Silicates, Metasilicates)
Substances of interest: Lithium silicates, Magnesium silicates

8 Members:
BASF (DE), Ege Kimya (Tu), IQE (ES), PQ (NL), Vodni Sklo (CZ), Silmaco NV (BE), van Baerle AG (CH), Wöllner GmbH & Co. KG (DE)

To address issues relevant to Industry such as, Classification and labelling (CLP) harmonisation, REACH, Industrial Emissions Directive Large Volume Inorganic Reference Documents (LVIC BREF), Life Cycle Inventory/Life Cycle Assessment (LCI/LCA) and round robin testing quality control testing between members’ laboratories.

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