GME – Gelatine Manufacturers of Europe

Founded in 1974 by leading European gelatine manufacturers, the GME association is an important platform and the number one voice in the gelatine industry. It has the support of the industry as a whole. The Brussels-based association currently consists of 11 members, and represent almost 100 percent of the European gelatine production. This counts for one third of the global gelatine production.

The GME members have developed many different types of gelatines and collagen peptides for a large range of applications to meet the customer and consumer demand and play also an important role in functional foodstuffs, pharmaceutical applications and cosmetics.


S. Noordermeer (Rousselot)


Gelatine and collagen peptides and by-products of the gelatine manufacturing process (Fat, processed animal proteins (PAP), Dicalcium phosphate (DCP))


11 Members:

PB Leiner (BE), Ewald Gelatine GmbH (DE), Gelatines Weishardt SA (FR), GELITA AG (DE), Italgelatine S.p.A (IT), Jellice Pioneer Europe B.V. (NL), Juncà Gelatines S.L. SA (SP), Lapi Gelatine S.p.A. (IT), Reinert Gruppe Ingredients GmbH (DE), Rousselot SAS (NL), Trobas Gelatine BV (NL)


GME’s mission is to be the voice of European gelatine industry, to support the products gelatine and collagen peptides and also to inform, educate, and communicate with customers, authorities worldwide and the media. GME also motivates its members to continuously improve and standardise their products and services in a changing environment.

Via its working committees, (Public Relations, Regulatory, Sustainability and Technical), GME’s primary focus is on setting highest standards for quality, safety and sustainability amongst its member companies. Due to the commitment and structure of its members these activities have often global impact. Especially the topic of sustainability in a world of ever growing demand for products but also for environmental friendly solutions. The manufacturing of gelatine and collagen peptides are done under permanent improving conditions.

Furthermore, GME has also developed close contacts with other gelatine Manufacturers Associations worldwide.

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