Catalysts Europe

Catalysts Europe represents the leading catalyst manufacturers in Europe. Catalysts are substances including solid, liquid and gases that increases the rate of a chemical reactions which are vital to the chemical industry. They allow the efficient production of many chemicals and are used in a vast range of industrial applications including fine chemicals, refinery operations, edible oils, pharmaceuticals and polymers. Specific applications include the reduction of environmental emissions and the production of low sulphur fuels. Europe is a leader in catalyst technology.


Sigridur F. Ingimarsdottir (Haldor Topsoe)




14 Members:

Axens (FR), BASF SE (DE), Clariant (DE), Ecovyst (UK), Evonik (DE), Eurecat (FR), Eurosupport (NL), Grace GmbH & Co. KG (DE), Haldor Topsoe A/S (DK), Honeywell UOP (BE), Johnson Matthey plc (GB), Ketjen (NL),  LyondellBasell (NL), Shell/CRI/Criterion (BE).


Promote the safe use of catalysts over the whole life cycle including manufacture, installation and removal and spent catalyst management as well as highlighting the importance of catalysts in everyday life. Specific tasks include REACH substance coordination to take account of specific catalyst requirements, harmonisation of safety data sheets, exposure monitoring and catalyst handling best practice.

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