PPRM – Polyester Powder Resins Manufacturers

Polyester powder coatings are based on a polyester resin which reacts with a hardener (cross-linking agent), completed with pigments and an additive package. The process results in a finely ground powder which is then sprayed onto the substrate surface with electrostatic equipment and baked in an oven, creating a fully cured smooth and durable coating.

Polyester powder coatings are used in industrial applications for both decorative and protective uses on profiles for buildings, agricultural machinery, white goods such as fridges, garden and leisure-equipment and many other applications. The thickness of a polyester powder coating is usually between 40 and 80 µm. While typically used on metal substrates, new developments are opening the use of powder coatings to other substrates such as wood and plastics.

Powder coatings being solid materials enable the preparation of VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) free coatings. One of the main advantages of powder coatings is the increased application efficiency with up to 98% yield through the use of appropriate equipment. Polyester powders have very good edge covering, mechanicals, flow properties, gloss and color retention and excellent outdoor durability.


M. Bencini (SIR Industriale)


Polyester Powder Resins


6 Members:

Allnex (BE), Arkema (FR), Covestro (NL), Megara Resins (GR), SIR Industriale (IT), Synthomer (IT)


Dealing with issues that are common to the group, such as Tin catalyst, exposure scenarios, CLP, carbon footprint, polymer definition under REACH, e-SDS.


Joint SRM/PPRM Carbon Footprint Study

Commissioned by the Cefic associations PPRM (Polyester Powder Resin Manufacturers) and SRM (Solvent based Resin Manufacturers), Denkstatt GmbH Austria has performed a study with the goal to create reliable and credible average carbon footprint data (CFP) for a series of product families manufactured by the members of PPRM and SRM.

“Cradle to gate” carbon footprint averages were calculated for different grades of polyester resins, alkyd resins, acrylic resins, polyurethane resins and amino resins.

For the modelling the emphasis was placed on the raw materials, solvents, auxiliary materials, by-products and process data like energy, process specific emissions, waste and transport. For further information, please contact Philippe Pigeolet.

Use Mapping for the production of Polyester Powder Resins

In line with the approach of other European Industry Associations, PPRM has performed a Use Mapping exercise covering the production of Polyester Powder Resins. The ECHA use descriptor system has been used, (details about which may be found in the Technical Guidance Document R12: Use Descriptor System).

Consult the use mapping for Industrial Manufacture of Polyester Powder Resins: Use-Mapping-PPR-16-02-2011

PPRM Best Practice Document for Trimellitic anhydride (TMA) analysis

PPRM Best Practice TMA (final)

PPRM statement on the Tariff Codes for polyester resins

PPRM statement Tariff Codes (final)


Sector Group Manager

Philippe Pigeolet


Sophie Liebersens