ACPA – Activated Carbon Producers Association

Activated carbons are produced from carbon of vegetable origin (peat, lignite, coal or nutshells). The activation process creates an extensive pore structure that allows considerable adsorption. They are produced and marketed as a black or dark grey solid, in granulate, powder, cloth or pellet form, without odour.

Activated carbon can be put to a range of uses, including the purification, concentration and separation of gases from liquids, purifying drinking water, waste water and sewage treatment as well as controlling emissions. They also have further applications in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.



Benedikt Smit (Silcarbon Aktivkohle GmbH)


Activated carbon


9 Members:
Eurocarb (UK), Chemviron Carbon (BE), Norit Activated Carbon (NL), Donau Carbon (DE), CarboTech (DE), Desotec (BE), SICAV (IT), Jacobi Carbons France (FR), Silcarbon Aktivkohle (DE)


To monitor developments on REACH, CLP along with water and air issues
To follow closely on anti-dumping developments

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