RTP – Resins Technical Platform

A Resin is a natural or synthetic compound, often a polymer, that begins in a viscous or solid state and can harden with treatment. It is often a mixture that can be used in various other mixtures and applications by various downstream users. A resin polymer distinguishes itself from a “Plastic” in the sense that it is not moulded on its own to form finished articles, but is formulated into products as adhesives, paint/varnishes, composite materials, or other products.


E. Peudecoeur (Covestro)


The RTP comprises representatives of 10 Cefic sector groups / associations who produce resins. In total, RTP represents more than 100 companies.

CEPE – Paints, printing inks and artists’ colours in Europe

CES – Silicones Europe

Epoxy Europe

EPRA – European Phenolic Resins Association

FORMACARE – The Formaldehyde sector group of Cefic

HARRPA – Hydrocarbon and Rosin Resins Producers Association

PPRM – Polyester Powder Resin Manufacturers

SRM – Solvent Resin Manufacturers

UPR – Unsaturated Polyester Resins

UVEB – European Ultra Violet (UV) and Electron Beam (EB) curable Acrylates


  • Deal with resin-specific issues. Although resins consist of polymers they often have specific issues and require different approach/advocacy than overall polymers
  • Gather together CEFIC Sector Groups / Affiliates that are involved in the resin business
  • Work on common regulatory issues to save time and money
  • Speak with one voice towards European Authorities


Twice a year the RTP Coordination Team (CT) meets to align on upcoming issues and prioritise them.

In addition, taskforces work on specific projects (Polymers, Microplastics, eSDS….). These taskforces are reporting to the RTP CT.


Sector Group Manager

Philippe Pigeolet


Lorena Aranda