ASASP – Association of Synthetic Amorphous Silica Producers

ASASP represents the majority of synthetic amorphous silica (SAS) producers in Europe. SAS is a highly pure, crystalline-free, form silicon dioxide (SiO2). It white powder and also supplied in dispersions. There are two main production routes: the wet route for the production of precipitated silica and silica gel and the thermal route for pyrogenic (also called fumed) silica. SAS is used in a wide variety of applications including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, tyres, plastics, insulation, coatings, inks and catalysts. Specific applications include as an abrasion additive in toothpastes, an anti-caking agent in foods to a reinforcement agent in tyres to improve fuel economy. The production volume in Europe exceeds 500,000 tonnes per year.



V. Moise (Cabot Corporation)



Core substances: Synthetic Amorphous Silica (SAS)



9 Members:

Cabot Corporation (B), Evonik Resource Efficiency GmbH (DE), Grace (DE), IQESIL (SP), PPG Corporation (NL), PQ Corporation (UK), Solvay S.A. (BE), Wacker Chemie AG (DE), and Zeochem (CH)



Provide a forum to address industry-wide questions arising during production related activities as well as ecotoxicity, toxicology and regulatory matters related to synthetic amorphous silica. Its mission is to ensure that members’ views are made known to other technical groups and organisations, official bodies and national and international authorities, especially those involved in framing regulations.


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