SC BPD RG – Sodium Chlorite / Chlorine Dioxide BPD Registration Group

The Sodium Chlorite / Chlorine Dioxide BPD Registration Group – SC BPD RG – is a registration group of European and American producers of Sodium Chlorite. The objective of the Registration Group is to support the approval of chlorine dioxide generated in-situ from sodium chlorite as an active substance under the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) (EU/528/2012) and Regulation (EU) 1062/2014 on the review programme.


Sodium chlorite is used as a reservoir to generate solutions of chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide may be used for various applications including the disinfection of surfaces in private and public health area as well as in veterinary hygiene area, the purification of drinking water, bleaching textiles and disinfecting food and waste water. In all these applications, the product has a selective effectiveness which improves its environmental performance.


M. Belluati (Caffaro Brescia S.r.l.)


Core substances with continual ongoing work: Sodium chlorite, chlorine dioxide


3 Members:
Bio-Cide International Inc. (US), Caffaro Brescia S.r.l. (IT), Ercros, SA (ES)


Biocides legislation (BPD/BPR), risk assessment, data-sharing and compensation, classification and labeling


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Sector Group Manager

Agnieszka Bielach


Yuhua Wu